Creative Director and Co-founder of Colour Nude


Self-taught and a creator from a young age, fashion design is her great passion and her way of expressing herself.

Before co-founding Colour Nude at the age of 25, she had been a finalist in young designers competitions at SIMOF (International Flamenco Fashion Fair), winner of the Young Designers Competition of Andalusia, finalist in the Young Designers Competition of Spain, and finalist in the European Bridal Dress Competition.

With the idea of revolutionizing the world of bridal and party dresses, she founded Colour Nude and presented her first SS2010 collection at the WHO’S NEXT show in Paris.

Colour Nude represents a lifestyle. It is a projection of myself and my way of seeing life outward. I am not inspired by fashion trends, but by people, concepts, and ways of living.”

Carmen Osuna

– Carmen Osuna.

Colour Nude


Special Designs for Special Occasions


This philosophy has shaped the character of COLOUR NUDE since the launch of its first collection in 2010.

With a modern, feminine, and elegant style, their designs showcase a special attention to detail and finishes, with pattern-making and craftsmanship inherited from the French Haute Couture “ateliers.”

Handmade embroidery and applications, the prominence of the back, long sleeves, and pronounced shoulder pads are hallmarks of the brand that make each design unique and recognizable.

All of this is supported by values that are the core principles of this company: Creativity and continuous Innovation, and the constant pursuit of Excellence.


The Universe

With a contemporary architectural style, COLOUR NUDE stores are modern yet elegant and sophisticated spaces. Their décor, which combines elements like natural stone, brass, and wood, enhances the collections, creating a universe that makes the customer’s experience truly unique.

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Espacio Novias

An incentive has been received from the Andalusian Innovation and Development Agency IDEA, of the Andalusian Government, for a amount of 6,177.50 euros, 80% co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund, FEDER for the implementation of the project DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A COMPREHENSIVE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND INSTALLATION-ADAPTATION OF POS MODULE, with the objective of GUARANTEING BETTER USE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES.