Product Care

Cleaning and Care Protocol

General Care:

Before cleaning your garment, we recommend carefully reading the instruction label sewn inside.


To preserve your clothing, in addition to following all usage instructions precisely, we recommend storing them inside the protective bag you’ll receive with your order. This way, your clothing will be shielded from potential external factors that could damage it.


At COLOUR NUDE, we work with delicate, high-quality fabrics. Therefore, we always recommend dry cleaning for cleaning. However, some of our garments may be machine washable. To determine if your garment can be machine washed, please consult the instruction label sewn inside.


All our garments should be ironed with a steam iron. Under no circumstances should the iron come into direct contact with the garment.


Please note that we do not offer alteration services for both party and bridal designs in our online store. If you are interested in making any modifications, we recommend seeking assistance from qualified personnel.


Each COLOUR NUDE wedding dress is crafted by hand. Our fabrics, embroideries, and appliques are of high quality and delicacy to achieve the timelessness, elegance, and beauty characteristic of COLOUR NUDE. When you receive your dress, it will be protected by a cover to shield it from potential external aggressions and ensure it is in perfect condition. If you wish to have your dress cleaned after wearing it on that special day, we recommend taking it to a specialized dry cleaner.